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by Dilip Sharma November 09, 2018

If you searched for ‘how to make an animated avatar or make cartoon character’ then this article is only for you. After looking at my Facebook friends using vector cartoon avatar of themselves I also tried it to make a cartoon of myself but I came out with worst possible art.

After hours of online research. Finally, I know how to make a cartoon character of myself. It is fast, it is easy as hell, it is FREE! Cartoonify helps you in making cartoon yourself. With its hundreds of  customization option available, you can create best of yourself.

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Cartoonify : Create a cartoon avatar yourself directly online without any software installs and for free! With Cartoonify you can cartoonize yourself free online in few minutes. have more than 300 graphic parts which assure that your avatar will be as special and unique as you are. This is one of the easiest and fastest way to convert your photo to a Cartoon. You only have to choose between its face, eyes, hair, clothes and even a background.

Dashboard of Cartoonify

With this cartoon animator, you can make a cartoon character of you. provide you the flexibility of choosing from the pre-build option or to represent yourself or make it from scratch. Starting from face size, eyes, hair, clothes, background area you can make a completely different cartooned image.

Let’s Start with Cartoonify :

  • First, go to ‘Cartoonify – Create a Cartoon of Yourself’ website.
  • Scroll down till you see the online editor (See the snipped photo given below).
  • Now you have two option available, Male Cartoon editor for male character and Female for the female avatar.
  • When you will select one of the given options, a loading box will appear.
  • After few seconds you will see the editing box ( look at the image provided).
  • Select desired face size and move to eyes section.
  • Now in the ‘Hair’ section you can choose from 15+ options according to your need.

In “Clothes” you can change the wearing of the character. Go ahead and choose your desired one.

  • After completing look and design of your avatar, now you can move to “Backs” option.
  • In ‘Backs’ you can adjust / change the background of the photo. You can select from various background effects and colors.

After Finalizing your cartoon character you can directly share it on Facebook , Twitter or on other social media.

The Result?

Art Example

To download it on you PC, hover over download button given at the lower right end. You can select the Size :

  • 200*200 px
  • 400*400 px

After clicking on the desired size wait for few sec because image generator takes some time. You can also download it in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. You can use these cartoon images on your Facebook Profile, Twitter Handle, as YouTube Art, Instagram Profile etc. Cartoonify also provides an option to use your avatar as Gravatar.

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