Start blogging in 5 easy steps

by Dilip Sharma January 23, 2020

Select a Topic or Niche

Choosing what you are going to blog about is very important because it will help you determine who your audience is. Once you find this out, you can focus on what they actually need and want to read. Here are some ideas

  • Jokes and Humor
  • Products or service reviews
  • Beginner’s guides to anything!


Choose a Blogging Platform

Before you start thinking about what your blog will look like or what you’ll write about, you need to choose a platform for your blog first. Some of the options include:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Wix

And many more…

All of those platforms are great, but if you really want to make your blog your own, I highly recommend WordPress.


Domain and Hosting

Choosing your domain & hosting carefully can determine the success of your blog so it’s an important decision. When it comes to hosting, there are only 3 things you really need to consider: Speed, Uptime and Customer Support.

Let me save you the time and just tell you to use BlueHost and install WordPress. Here is why:

  • Free .com Domain & SSL
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed


Creating content and Publishing

Create Content and Start Blogging! Challenge yourself to try new things, and have new experiences that can fuel your blogging stories, guides, photos and more. Write on

  • What your audience wants
  • What’s trending
  • What’s happening

or whatever hell you like, after all, it’s your blog.


Make Social Presence

Get Social by securing accounts on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram – and start sharing your content and interacting with the blogging community. Here’s why?

  • Increased inbound traffic
  • Higher brand authority
  • Valuable customer insights
  • Better search engine rankings

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