7 tools I use for creating graphics for blog

by Dilip Sharma November 21, 2018

With these tools you’ll be able to create graphics that catches and hold readers’ attention. No matter how good the writing is, the information you put out won’t get as much attention without some sort of visual aid to support it.

I know that creating a visual is time-consuming and not easy for all. Many bloggers create articles that don’t live up to their true potential, the reason behind this is that they open google search for an image and add into their posts, that is what they do, instead of creating something truly unique. Unique images pick you up  from the crowd and take you or your blog post to next level.

I also know that not every blogger / writer are good graphic designers. and yes who have that much to spend on creating images from photoshop using vector images. That’s why I have crafted this list for you only. The featured app and programs are easy-to-use and many of them are FREE also.

Create Image for Blog Post

ps: Not mentioning Photoshop here.


My first love! seriously nothing can beat this beautiful tool. With its pre-build image formats, you can create an image for Facebook Post, Google+, or even for your YouTube Channel. Just select image dimension, you can pick from a blank canvas or pre-set design template, and quickly customize the graphics.


It is alomost complete photoshop, but online. Used by 1.5 millions of people, it provide all neccesary options like layers, cropping, styles etc.


Another great tool for creating and modifying your images. It can turn your boring images into fun. Make photo collage, edit your photo, add text and design your graphics online easily. My one of the recommendation for your graphic related work.

Infogr.am :Infographics maker

Awesome tool for infographics, charts or data oriented pictures. , just choose one of the available templates and then you are ready to go! Create, share, upload your Infographic and chart anywhere within few minutes with this online Infographics maker tool. Infogr.am is the leading free tool for creating data-based or interactive images.

Fotor: Photo collage maker, editor

Fotor is a renowned photo editor, designed to bring powerful digital editing to you. With basics such as: 1-Tap Enhance, resize, crop, rotate and straighten, it also has many unique features. Craft your YouTube Channel art, Instagram photo, Tumblr blog Art with fotor.

Meme Generator

Not every time you write seriously, sometimes humor is required in the post. Add humor, add memes into your post. MemeGenerator is good for Facebook pages and groups but you can use it for the blog also. With thousands of free pics available, you can generate funny Memes very quickly. Just select or upload your image write a title, text and click on the generate button. Simple!


Customization was not that easy before, then a tool from heaven came into existence. It is free, web-based tool for modifying photos and arts. You can pick from thousands of free fonts, borders, and image add-ons to transform simple photos into highly-descriptive and useful visual content.


Have you watched above quote in red colour? Create Images for Blog Posts, Generate thousands of quotes just in one click. Quote give value to the post and make people read the whole post, Just like you…


Bonus Tools Only for You:

From photo collage maker to Meme Generator, all the tools I love <3 and use. Which one is your favorite?

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